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affiliate marketing success series 3

4 Parts to Affiliate Success Step 3

4 Parts to Affiliate Success Step 3 Did you missed either the last two article post series? I revealed how to choose a niche and how to build your platform for success. Today, I continue with the next step in the 4-Steps to Affiliate Success series which is Step-3: Grow Your Audience. I will share […]

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affiliate marketing success series 2

4 Parts to Affiliate Success Step 2

Welcome to Affiliate Success step 2 which is part two of my Affiliate Marketing Success series! In part one, we talked about how to choose your niche. In this section, we’re going to talk about the next step which is building your platform. So first off let’s define what is a platform because it may […]

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site mobile friendly

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly? Included with today’s What’s Up Wednesday, not only do I share the importance of having a mobile friendly site, but also recent events with my online and personal life. Checking for a Mobile Friendly Site If you are not aware by now, Google made a major shift yesterday in the […]

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analyzing website traffic data

Analyzing Website Traffic Data– Part 2

Web Traffic Analytics – Part 2 In today’s Tools of the Trade Tuesday, I’m finishing the 2-part series on analyzing website traffic data. What’s more, it’s normally available to you on your hosting service if you host your own WordPress site or blog. Analyzing website traffic data is an important SEO task for any online […]

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website automation

PLR, Website Automation, new WordPress theme

In today’s what’s up Wednesday, I talk about three separate topics. This was brought on by my recent purchases I made to improve business opportunities and operations. Whenever I find things that are useful or a complete waste of money, I like to share them with you. PLR, website automation, new WordPress theme, oh my! […]

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building an amazon affiliate website

Building an Amazon Affiliate Website to Strike it Rich?

Building an Amazon Affiliate Website Build it and they will come It’s another What’s Up Wednesday! Today, I’ll be looking at the popular idea of building an Amazon Affiliate website to strike it rich. And this supposedly will happen simply by promoting Amazon products. However using my experience as an Amazon associate, I’ll cover why […]

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