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affiliate marketing success series 2

4 Parts to Affiliate Success Step 2

Welcome to Affiliate Success step 2 which is part two of my Affiliate Marketing Success series! In part one, we talked about how to choose your niche. In this section, we’re going to talk about the next step which is building your platform. So first off let’s define what is a platform because it may […]

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top 10 traffic tactics

Top 10 Traffic Tactics for your Blog

Top 10 Traffic Tactics Having a blog is popular way to create an online presence for both personal and business reasons. You can virtually build a blog for free and then begin posting content right away. But, what good is having great content if no one is visiting to read it? For every successful blog […]

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site mobile friendly

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly? Included with today’s What’s Up Wednesday, not only do I share the importance of having a mobile friendly site, but also recent events with my online and personal life. Checking for a Mobile Friendly Site If you are not aware by now, Google made a major shift yesterday in the […]

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phases of blog growth

6 Phases of Blog Growth

Phases of Blog Growth For this Tool’s of the Trade Tuesday, I talk about a powerful tool that every affiliate marketer should have… a blog (or website). A website or blog helps you to establish authority and serves as a home base others can find. But it is more than that, phases of blog growth […]

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do i need a website

Do I Need a Website as an Affiliate Marketer?

To have an affiliate website or not, that is the question? Last week’s post covered the importance of using a good keyword tool to help you with your affiliate marketing endeavors. Today’s topic is even more controversial, do I need a website as an affiliate marketer or not? As I visit other marketer’s sites and […]

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