10-Minute Pages Review – Steal, Deal, or Robbery

10-minute pages review
by Michel // October 1 // 13 Comments

My 10-Minute Pages Review

In last week’s What’s Up Wednesday, I covered a neat powerful plugin called HybridConnect. It’s a powerful plugin to help anyone make great opt-in pages, pop-ups, even squeeze pages. It even comes with options to do split testing and tracking, all for under $50 unlimited!

After that article was published, I had other colleagues point out to me newly released software offers launched last week. Supposedly, these did even more amazing things than the plugin I had discovered. So I went to those sites (sales pages, actually) and checked out those offers.

Checked out the offer

The one that stuck out the most for me was a newly released software product called 10-Minute Pages. It was an impressive intuitive product with drag and drop capabilities. And it could help you create a complete sales page in about 10 minutes (hence the product’s brand name). It wasn’t a plugin or theme you installed, but operated much like LeadPages. (a third-party service that creates opt-in and squeeze pages on their servers like a membership).

After listening to their nearly 15-minute video presentation and then watching more demos of what the product did for you, I finally arrived at the PRICE page where I was left in shock! Why?

The price they were asking for the unlimited version (that is the number of sites you can use the product) for just 1-year support was $297!!! For a page-creator? Really?


To me, it’s absurd to pay huge amounts of money for page creations, opt-in form creators, whatever. If I were to do that, I would just buy a premium custom theme builder designed for Internet marketers that included unlimited usage for a reasonable price. The 10-minute pages software is impressive, but the price is outrageous and doesn’t match what you are getting (a page creator).

Besides, another online colleague of mine pointed out to me late last week a sales page creator that is customized for WordPress. It’s called Ultimate Click-to-Edit Content Builder for WordPress which is a plugin that does everything 10-minute pages does, but the price for unlimited usage is $67, not $297!

As you can see, this is a big difference!

My top dollar limit for unknowns

My personal philosophy: when it comes to new online offers, I have set limits on what I’ll spend. It doesn’t matter whether it is themes, plugins, software, whatever. And especially when it’s by someone I have never heard of before. My top dollar limit for an offer from unknowns is $49. If verifiable, then I will go up to $97 and usually no more.

I mean, really, they would need to be as reputable as Microsoft or Apple before I will sink over $100 into a software offer because of how many times I’ve been burnt in the past by offers like 10-minute pages!

In fact I did have an awesome drag and drop WordPress theme until the next WordPress version update, and then it stopped working. No updates, no response, just cricket noises.

I paid enough for it as well, and all was lost when that simple update occurred. As for the marketer and company that created the theme, both are still online peddling their wares, but I will not buy from either one again! (Hint: why it is important to promote valuable products with reputable known vendors to keep a good reputation yourself)

Stated background vs. proven background

Getting back to 10-Minute Pages, the programmer even bragged about learning how to program since the age of 8. Personally, I don’t care if he claimed to program R2D2 at the age of 3! It doesn’t mean squat if you are a completely unknown, unproven, and are asking for a premium price. Too many people and companies come and go daily!!!

My advice to you as a marketer; if you find something you like online, but don’t like the price, then look for an alternative. Even if you have to wait a few weeks or so. This is because if someone does release a great product (or whatever) with a price offer that is out of reach for you, it won’t be long before some other competitor will have a similar offer that does what the first one did, but it will be within reach!

As always, I encourage you to leave a message below and let me know what you think or leave whatever question you may have. 🙂

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