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article marketing for affiliates

Article Marketing for Affiliates Still Work?

Does Article Marketing still work? In today’s traffic tactics Thursday, I examine an old school method for generating free traffic. Does it actually work to create traffic and is it worth the time? Does article marketing for affiliates still work? A few years back when Google clamped down on article directories, everyone panicked because their […]

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using web analytics

Know Your Traffic Using Web Analytics

Know Your Visitors For today’s belated Traffic Tactics Thursday, I discuss the importance of why you should know your traffic using web analytics. Who are your visitors? Who is coming to your site, where are they coming from and how are they getting there? What articles are they reading, or what links are they clicking? […]

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affiliate marketing on twitter for traffic

Affiliate Marketing on Twitter for Traffic

How to use Affiliate Marketing on Twitter for Traffic Even though I’m celebrating Thanksgiving here in the US, I have already prepared today’s Traffic Tactic Thursday article post ahead of time. Today I cover Affiliate Marketing on Twitter for Traffic. Why Twitter? Twitter is a popular and really great place for affiliates to do some […]

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hot vs cold traffic

What is HOT vs COLD Traffic?

Hot vs cold traffic? A topic hardly discussed about web traffic on blogs or online marketing network sites is what is hot vs cold traffic. And uncovering the difference between the two. In today’s Web Traffic Tactics, I define these differences and what they mean to you as an affiliate marketer. Understanding hot vs cold […]

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banner ads that work

Create Banner Ads That Work

Banner ads that work? Today’s Traffic Tactic Thursday, I take a look at a tactic that has been around for a long, long time – banner ads. Because of that reason, experts claim that people have become blind to them and therefore banner ads are a waste of time. Really? Banner Ads? What a waste […]

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drive traffic to your website

Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

3 Principles of Traffic Generation There’s always talk about ways to drive traffic to your website. Usually the vast number of them are “free” and “easy” ways to do it. But is that really the case? In today’s Traffic Tactics Thursday, I examine what is really free and easy once you understand the fundamental principles […]

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