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top lies about affiliate marketing

Top Lies About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Lies Today’s Marketing Monday, I talk about something that is a pet peeve of mine because it hurts those who offer legitimate programs and also those who are sincere about finding a way to make money online with affiliate marketing. So I expose top lies about affiliate marketing. It’s an issue that I […]

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dark social media

Missing Stats from Dark Social Media

Exposing Dark Social Media Reached another What’s Up Wednesday where I cover a topic that has interesting online marketing consequences. What is it that you should have a concern about? Web analytics that’s unable to collect complete information leaves a hole about what your potential customers are doing. It is becoming a bigger issue all […]

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affiliate marketing black hat tactics

Avoid Affiliate Marketing Black Hat Tactics

Using Black Hat Tactics for Affiliate Marketing For today’s Marketing Monday, I cover an important topic that you’ll want to seriously consider making part of your affiliate business. Simply put, that’s to avoid affiliate marketing black hat tactics. As you make your way through the affiliate marketing business model, you’ll hear a lot of advice. […]

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email list

My Dying Email List – Shifting Gears

My Email List It’s another Marketing Monday and I’ve been going crazy. Because it is near the end of the year, I am scrambling to get things done in all areas! Everything from health care insurance issues, swapping out clothes driers, to getting tax information together and submitted to the accountant. And that’s just for […]

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top affiliate marketing platforms

Top Affiliate Marketing Platforms You Should Know

Top Affiliate Marketing Platforms For today’s Marketing Monday topic, I cover top affiliate marketing platforms you should know or at least become familiar with. Available to you as an affiliate marketer are a number of companies that offer commission based payments for promoting vendor products. However, there are really only a limited number of top […]

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affiliate marketing the smart way

Introducing Affiliate Marketing the Smart Way

Many enter, but few succeed! Many people enter, but very few succeed when it comes to affiliate marketing. Why is that? It’s because affiliate marketing is presented by “Gurus” as a quick and easy miracle solution to your money woes or employment problems. And like the slick snake oil salesman of yesteryear, many people jump […]

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