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sales funnel as an affiliate

Why have a Sales Funnel as an Affiliate?

Why You should have a Sales Funnel as an Affiliate Sorry, even though I started this article yesterday, I didn’t get it finished until this morning. I was detoured to do yard work. I waned to post it on Marketing Monday. Yes, it is a day late, but here it is! I take a look […]

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profit from viral marketing

Profit from Viral Marketing the Easy Way

How to profit from viral marketing In today’s Marketing Monday, I take a look at viral marketing. It’s a marketing method that is often distorted as to what it is, what it can do, and why it is important. Some things to consider as an affiliate marketer or any marketer for that matter. And cover […]

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your affiliate marketing plan

What to Include in Your Affiliate Marketing Plan

Your Affiliate Marketing Plan In today’s Marketing Monday, I am going to cover what to include in your affiliate marketing plan. With affiliate marketing as in any endeavor, you won’t get very far without having a good, solid business and marketing plan. The first step you should take before signing up for any affiliate program […]

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make money with affiliate marketing

Can I Really Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Many people enter, but very few succeed when it comes to affiliate marketing. Why is that? Like a magic potion or wonder pill, affiliate marketing has been introduced to many as the quick and easy miracle solution to your money woes or employment problems. And like the snake oil salesman […]

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find affiliate products

10 Best Places to Find Affiliate Products

Where can I find affiliate products? One of the most common questions affiliate marketers ask is, where is the best place to find affiliate products? And the short answer to that question is… everywhere. Thanks for visiting! No, really it all depends upon what market niche you are promoting or have expertise in. I’ve had […]

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common affiliate mistakes

The 3 Most Common Affiliate Mistakes

Most Common Affiliate Mistakes Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective and low cost ways to start earning money online. An affiliate program gives everyone involved a chance to make a profit using the Internet. Since most affiliate marketing programs are so easy to join, get going and then offer a generous commission per […]

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