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picking a niche market

Picking a Niche Market – Personal Interest or Marketability

Picking a niche market – Personal Interest vs. Profitability It’s been awhile since writing my last post here, and I apologize for it. I didn’t plan on an unexpected life event that was significant enough to change the course of my online operations for awhile. However, I am now back and have some new perspectives […]

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branding yourself

Branding Yourself as the Go to Expert

Why brand Yourself? Today’s What’s Up Wednesday, I talk about the importance of branding yourself as the go to expert even as an affiliate. Just because you’re an affiliate marketer doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for branding. You could adopt this not necessary attitude – but it certainly won’t help you build a flourishing […]

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top affiliate marketing niches

Top Affiliate Marketing Niches

Top Niche Markets for Affiliates In today’s Marketing Monday, I list top affiliate marketing niches with a brief description for each one I mention below. The top niche markets are the same for product creators as well as affiliate marketers. They’re approach will be the same. However, niche marketing allows affiliates to make more money […]

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best way to choose a niche

Best Way to Choose a Niche

Choosing a Niche For today’s Marketing Monday, I answer the question for affiliate marketers starting out, what is the best way to choose a niche. When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are a number of ways an affiliate marketer can choose a niche. But before you dedicate your time and effort into a niche, […]

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