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what triggers people to buy online

What Triggers People to Buy Online?

Online Buying Triggers In today’s Marketing Monday, I provide insights as to what triggers people to buy online. Online shopping is no longer the exception but the norm. It has become a major source for sales, even for major discount stores that have a strong “brick and mortar” retail presence. With improvements in secure online […]

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hodge podge marketing

Hodge Podge Marketing

Hit and Miss Marketing For today’s Marketing Monday, I talk about a method of marketing many of us end up doing instead of a focused marketing strategy, and that is hodge podge marketing. I recently wrote about my experience testing out the possibilities of a Facebook boosted ad post. Like most of you, I am […]

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Should Affiliate Marketers Build a List

Should Affiliate Marketers Build a List?

Building a List of Subscribers Today’s Marketing Monday, I address a question that keeps popping up – Should Affiliate Marketers Build a List of subscribers? When first starting out as an affiliate marketer (or anytime afterwards and still unsure), you’ll need to decide if you want to build a list of subscribers, customers, and buyers. […]

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3 survival tactics for affiliate marketers

3 Survival Tactics for Affiliate Marketers

Surviving Online For today’s Marketing Monday, I take a look at 3 survival tactics for affiliate marketers. They are no big secret, but do make a difference when put to use. Most affiliate marketers are always looking for a successful market that will produce the biggest paycheck. Sadly though, they also think there is some […]

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branding yourself

Branding Yourself as the Go to Expert

Why brand Yourself? Today’s What’s Up Wednesday, I talk about the importance of branding yourself as the go to expert even as an affiliate. Just because you’re an affiliate marketer doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for branding. You could adopt this not necessary attitude – but it certainly won’t help you build a flourishing […]

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affiliate marketing success

Affiliate Marketing Success – Basics

Success with Affiliate Marketing Beginning with today’s Marketing Monday, I will be revealing the elements needed for affiliate marketing success – basics. Too many times I see other marketers presenting an oversimplification of what is needed for online success, or rather fail to mention (even leave out) all aspects of what is needed (sometimes on […]

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