My Dying Email List – Shifting Gears 

 December 30, 2014

By  Michel

My Email List

It’s another Marketing Monday and I’ve been going crazy. Because it is near the end of the year, I am scrambling to get things done in all areas! Everything from health care insurance issues, swapping out clothes driers, to getting tax information together and submitted to the accountant. And that’s just for my family stuff.

As I’ve been buzzing around my house and office the last few days, I’ve come to realize an important matter that I’ve been neglecting, it’s big, and down right embarrassing!

What is this big deal that I’ve been ignoring?

My email list! Since September, I have been meaning to add and interact more with my list. But it hasn’t happened. What a disaster!

Why? Other than being real busy, I was encouraged at the time not to worry about getting it perfect, but to take action and get it going, in which I did (not always good advice).

Not only did I get it going, but a dozen other things had to be done daily as well. All are related to this website and affiliate marketing. The problem with ‘getting it going’ is that it ends up being more than I can do in a day, everyday. Weekends don’t help, I can’t even get caught-up then!

So then, why not outsource some of it?

Yeah, right… with what, my good looks! Outsourcing isn’t always the answer because it takes time to explain what it is you want done, then checking on it to make sure it is being done right and on time! It also costs money, something I’m a little short of at the moment (holidays and all).

Another factor that can make outsourcing a waste is if it is a one time thing. By the time you are finished explaining what it is you want done and making sure it’s done right, you could have done it yourself. Obviously, if it is something that needs done more often, once you get it setup initially, it would then be worth outsourcing it.

So what can I do?

I always start by prioritizing my day, everyday, and then follow that plan. But it often ends up not working out because it fails to account for all the daily interruptions and diversions I experience – and boy, I really do have a lot of them.

I’ve put some restrictions in place to help this situation, but it isn’t enough. I still get ringing phones, dog barking at every outside movement, people showing up, among other things.

Having my own business office outside the home would help, but I cannot afford to do it at this time.

What, am I a writer?

Since late August, I resolved to write an article per weekday for this website. However, it’s not easy to instantly write about the next topic, day after day, especially when you don’t know what the topic will be for that day.

What’s really puzzling is that I started out to be an online entrepreneur and have ended up being a blog writer and publisher instead, how did this happen? I’m not a professional writer or journalist, or at least not trained to be one!

Seriously, when I was in school and college, I hated having to write reports and essays. I thought at the time how am I going to write a 500 word essay on this topic or that topic? And I usually had weeks to do it (plus the subject/topic was always assigned).

Now I’m writing 4-5 articles per week that easily go over 800 to 1,200 words a crack! And also create my own graphics to go with each article to boot. I would have shot myself back in my college days if I had to write that much content! Today, I don’t even think twice… until now.

What’s even more interesting is I can write articles for my blog, even product reviews for my niche sites (sometimes a few each day), but I can’t write emails for my list? What kind of marketer am I?

Well, it could be worse, right?

Sadly, not only am I behind with my email list, but I’ve also been sitting on 3 different products that have been fully developed and waiting for some final touches plus graphics to be released!

Even as I am writing this, my head is starting to spin again – thinking about all the things there are left to do along with those things that need done everyday.

Honestly, it was easier on me when I worked 12-14 hours days for a brick and mortar business!

And I swear, the next time I hear someone say that making money online is a breeze, especially when starting out, needs to be punched in the face!

Yeah, it might be easy if you have a very generous budget and can hire a full time staff of skilled professionals to help you out. Or have a proven experienced benefactor as a partner when starting online.

But if you are like me, with a low budget and plenty of time on your hands, you make do with what you have and do it all (or most of it) by yourself. And it takes time, more time, and still some more time!

Not only that, but when things finally come together and begin to work out, it’s not consistent. A few sales here, a few sales there, and then… nothing again (why it’s important to pick out the right niche).

But I digress. I still have to deal with the issue I created with my list. Sadly, A few of them haven’t heard a thing from me since they finished the eCourse series back in October! This seriously needs to be addressed.

What kind of marketer am I?

I talk about the importance of a list, even understand the necessity for having a list. But then fall short by not following through – What a hypocrite!

Even though it’s a small list, where I can make a recovery; the idea of neglecting even one customer I find to be unacceptable and it’s not what I am about.

So now my primary focus will be to take care of my list. To nurture it and make it grow. And I have written an apology email today to send to my list, along with a promise to be more responsive.

Also I personally invited each one of them to write me back about any specific need they are currently wanting help with (email is a two-way street, or should be… hint, hint).

As I begin this new year, I have made an oath to myself to not only to continue writing an article per weekday, but to also include an email that I can send out to my list.

After all, if you cannot take care of the smaller matters of a business, how can you expect to succeed with the bigger ones?

What about you? Do you struggle with the things you need to do as well? Maybe you have developed a system that not only saves time, but is more effective, too and would like to share below. 🙂

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Michel has actively been online as an Internet and affiliate marketer since 2009. He has experience with many systems and programs that he has used throughout those years, finding some to be great and many not so good. He’s learned what works, and what doesn’t work and is willing to share it with you. And it is always changing!

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  1. I am glad I am not the only one that sometimes forgets about my list. I just have to remember that someone just joined my list and don’t have a clue about who I am.

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