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branding yourself

Branding Yourself as the Go to Expert

Why brand Yourself? Today’s What’s Up Wednesday, I talk about the importance of branding yourself as the go to expert even as an affiliate. Just because you’re an affiliate marketer doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for branding. You could adopt this not necessary attitude – but it certainly won’t help you build a flourishing […]

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evergreen niche markets for affiliates

Evergreen Niche Markets for Affiliates

Why Evergreen Niche Markets? In today’s Marketing Monday, I cover evergreen niche markets for affiliates and why they’re important to consider as an affiliate. Too many times I’ve seen advice that basically tells new affiliate marketers to do whatever they like to do best. Even though there’s some merit to that advice, it definitely shouldn’t […]

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wordpress plugins for affiliate marketing

WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketing

WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketing In today’s Tools of the Trade Tuesday, I cover WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing sites. Plugins that will help to give you an edge over the competition (unless they read this, too). Not only that, but most of these plugins listed are free as well! WordPress is the most popular […]

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top affiliate marketing niches

Top Affiliate Marketing Niches

Top Niche Markets for Affiliates In today’s Marketing Monday, I list top affiliate marketing niches with a brief description for each one I mention below. The top niche markets are the same for product creators as well as affiliate marketers. They’re approach will be the same. However, niche marketing allows affiliates to make more money […]

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affiliates who miss diamonds

Affiliates Who Miss Diamonds in Their Own Backyard

Affiliates Who Miss Diamonds This started out to be a What’s Up Wednesday article and quickly turned into today’s Feature Friday post. We all know about chasing after the dream of online riches. In turn, often causes us to go after the “shiny object” syndrome. Many people who start online often don’t finish well because […]

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affiliate marketing on twitter for traffic

Affiliate Marketing on Twitter for Traffic

How to use Affiliate Marketing on Twitter for Traffic Even though I’m celebrating Thanksgiving here in the US, I have already prepared today’s Traffic Tactic Thursday article post ahead of time. Today I cover Affiliate Marketing on Twitter for Traffic. Why Twitter? Twitter is a popular and really great place for affiliates to do some […]

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