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Should Affiliate Marketers Build a List?

Building a List of Subscribers Today’s Marketing Monday, I address a question that keeps popping up – Should Affiliate Marketers Build a List of subscribers? When first starting out as an affiliate marketer (or anytime afterwards and still unsure), you’ll need to decide if you want to build a list of subscribers, customers, and buyers. […]

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2 web analytics

Analyzing Website Traffic Statistics – Part 1

Web Traffic Analytics – Part 1 In today’s Tools of the Trade Tuesday, I’m starting a 2-part series on analyzing website traffic statistics. What’s more, it’s not about Google analytics! And it’s available to you if you host your own WordPress site or blog. Analyzing website traffic statistics is crucial for the success of your […]

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6 online survival tips

3 Tactics Helping Affiliate Marketers Survive Online

Surviving Online For today’s Marketing Monday, I take a look at 3 tactics helping affiliate marketers survive online. They are no big secret, but do make a difference when put to use. Most affiliate marketers are always looking for a successful market that will produce the biggest paycheck. Sadly though, they also think there is […]

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