How to Find Hot Affiliate Niches

find hot affiliate niches
by Michel // August 30 // 0 Comments

Find Hot Affiliate Niches

We’ll take a closer look at how to find hot affiliate niches.

Success with Affiliate marketing begins and ends with finding the right niche that is profitable and something you can become comfortably involved with.

Actually, the basics are pretty simple, really! Just find a hotbed of buying activity and then plant yourself firmly within it to market as many hot products to a very active market of potential customers as possible.

Choose your niche

The very first step is to choose the niche market you want to target. How? Some people start by selecting products that they themselves would buy. Others prefer to select products in a niche that they know many people buy from. However, how you go about selecting your specific niche is really up to you.

Ideally you want to look for a niche market that has the following 3 ingredients:

  • Longevity
  • High demand
  • Profitability

Let’s break down what each element is about.


Niche markets with longevity are also known as Evergreen. In other words, they’re somewhat timeless. They’re not just a passing fad that will be gone in six months or a year. They have long term endurance which means demand will be around for years to come. You don’t want to focus on niches that are short-term and will quickly fizzle out.

For example, promoting a product like a PlayStation 4 (PS4) has short-term demand. Once the new technology is released, this product will become virtually obsolete and you’re customer base will quickly disappear. Just like this example.

However, focusing on the photography niche could be very profitable. People in this niche are passionate about their hobby and are usually long-term enthusiasts that will be involved with this market for a long time. So you will always have a highly targeted customer base.

What this means is once you’ve established yourself in a particular Evergreen market like this, you can continue profiting from it for many years to come.

High Demand

Next, you need to ensure your niche market has a high demand. In other words, it needs to be “hot” with a ready supply of people who are actively searching for products or services relating to your niche.

You can determine the demand (or popularity) of your niche by performing some simple online market research that can be done for free.

A simple example of this is Google Search. Just by typing in your search term (keyword or phrase), you can quickly find out if there is a genuine interest in that niche.

You sign-up for an AdWords account and use the keyword planner tool. Once logged in, you can find out additional information about that niche.

Or you can visit a popular eCommerce site like Amazon or eBay. You can quickly discover what is hot by looking at the best sellers or top rated products.


Finally, your niche needs to have potential customers who are ready, willing and able to spend money. The more they can spend, the more profitable the niche!

Okay. But how do you know for sure if your niche market will be profitable?

Let’s take the mobile apps market for instance. While there may be huge demand for this type of service, often the targeted customer base attracts people under 18 who have no credit card to join a subscription service.

Now I’m not saying you can’t make money with mobile apps. This is no doubt a very profitable industry. But the spending power of your potential customers is very limited.

It’s also very difficult to sell something when you can freely access or download it from the Internet.

Case in point is cooking recipes. Yes I’m sure there are people who do buy cook books. But anyone can simply do an online search and find free recipes on meals they like. So it would be hard to compete in this market.

Now let’s look at an example of a profitable niche. I previously mentioned the photography niche, so we’ll continue to use this niche as an example.

Even if you do not like photography yourself and know nothing about it, you probably realize that people who do like photography tend to spend thousands of dollars on this passion. And because they spend so much money, it can be a very lucrative market to target.

In fact, any niche which involves a strong passion tends to be extremely lucrative. Some examples include gardening, sowing, dogs, coin collecting, cars & motorcycles, camping, home improvement, sports collectables, and so on.

Final Thoughts…

Do you notice something similar with all of these niches? They all revolve around hobbies or special interests and these normally invoke strong passion.

As a rule of thumb, most niche markets that target hobbyists or special interest groups can be very lucrative markets because these people are very passionate about their particular topic.

Provided it has longevity, plus has a high demand AND fulfills the profitability test, then you may well have found an excellent niche to target!

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