What is Video Marketing?

video marketing
by Michel // June 14 // 0 Comments

What is Video Marketing?

You most likely have heard the term “video marketing” used by others online frequently. But do you really know what is the actual meaning behind this term? In this article you will discover what is video marketing and ways to use it.

In general there are actually two main ways you can apply video marketing.

Doing Video Marketing

In this case we are talking about marketing a product or service by the use of videos. This is done by creating specific videos that describe your product(s) or service(s) and how it would benefit potential customers.

For example, let’s say you are promoting a software product. You would create a video demo showing how the software can be used. You would reveal just enough to create interest and get viewers to visit your main site where they can purchase your product.

For a service provider you could showcase your work. This would work really well for web designers or photographers. You could create a video that highlights your designs or photos.

If you publish a monthly newsletter, you could create a monthly video to promote each new issue or idea that you present.

Marketing a Video

In this case, we are referring to using video to brand your business or concept.

This type of video campaign is often put together with a social media campaign at the same time. You often see big businesses use this method to create interest and awareness for their company brand.

These videos types are created with the intent that they will be shared and are often the ones that go viral.

Companies that use this tactic for brand awareness often publish these videos across many distribution channels at the same time. Grabbing huge media and public attention is their main goal.

Final Thoughts…

You most likely will use both methods of video marketing regardless of the size of your business. While you main focus will be on creating promotional type videos, it is important to create videos that brand your business as well.

Don’t forget that you should start adding videos onto your blog. One way this can easily be done is by simply recording yourself speaking the text version of your blog post.

Other ideas for using video include:

  • Explaining details in more depth
  • Showing people how to perform a task
  • Talking about upcoming products
  • Reviewing a product
  • and so on…

In fact you can use video for just about anything you like. You may want to use video to showcase your portfolio or a new product line up.

One thing to remember is that video marketing continues to grow. So as a marketer or business owner, you don’t want to be left out in the cold. Hopefully you will take advantage of the benefits that video marketing can bring to you and your business.

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