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by Michel // July 6 // 0 Comments

4 Steps for Online Video Creation

When it comes to quality online video creation, the entire process can be summed up with these 4 steps: intended purpose, message to your audience, format delivery, distribution and promotion. Each step is covered in detail.

First step – Goals

Every video you make should have an intended purpose. So keep in mind what you want to accomplish when creating your video. Some of the more obvious goals include:

1. Boosting exposure
2. Redirecting traffic to your site
3. Building credibility and trust
4. Developing the brand
5. Gaining a foothold in the market

Video can help do all this for you, but consider what element of your business requires more impact. Whatever you have in mind, make sure it’s part of the overall marketing strategy because video needs to be integrated into the larger marketing plan in order for it to be more effective.

Second step – Message

Effective video focuses more on content rather than technology. When creating the video, keep your audience in mind and give them something valuable. The average person has a relatively low attention span and this can be seen with online video where long complicated videos get low ratings.

So keep it short and to the point by keeping these factors in mind:

1. Consistency – your viewers could get confused if you deviate from the main purpose of the video
2. Establish an overall theme for the videos
3. Focus on not just what you say but how you say it
4. Do not lose focus on your core message

If the video message is clear and logical then people shouldn’t have a problem understanding your message. Customers don’t like complicated messages, so if you consistently provide simple, clear messages, those message will become a part of your brand.

Third step – Format

Now this step for online video creation involves deciding on the type of delivery you’d would like for the video. You might choose to be on camera, create a slide show or screen capture, do a live webcast, etc. You have a number of options when it comes to the actual format of the video and you may experiment with one or more formats on different videos. Let’s look at these formats:

1. Live recording through a webcam: this is probably the fastest and simplest option
2. Live recording through a webcast: websites such as Ustream.tv offer this service for free
3. On location: this involves you carrying a portable camera, and possibly a tripod outdoors
4. Screen capture or slide show: you might use PowerPoint for this, or perhaps Jing
5. Creating video or photo montage using tools such as Animoto

Remember whatever delivery you choose for your video, the format also determines to a large extent the effectiveness of the message conveyed. Consider your personal style, attitude, and that of your target audience, and then find an angle that works.

Some videos are meant to be funny, some are just casual and others are more formal and authoritative. So which category does your message lie? Before you arm yourself with a minicam or a digital camera, look carefully into the tone and decide early enough the mood you want to set with the target audience, then start making arrangements for the shoot.

Fourth step – Distribution and promotion

Ever wonder if you’re missing out on a larger online audience reach with your videos? You could be, if you’re limiting yourself to just YouTube, as opposed to combining it with other video marketing channels available to you.

Using only a single video content channel can reduce your marketing efforts and impact the growth of your product or brand. This is why we’re going to look at a few other options you can explore in your effort to gain more exposure.

Keep in mind some platforms may make more sense for your brand or goals than others, but these are just some of the top players for you to consider:

YouTube: Hardly surprising, with over 1 billion unique visitors every month and over 4 billion hours of video watched during that time, YouTube pretty much dominates the video market.

Vimeo: With close to 3 billion visitors last year, and a steady growing member list, Vimeo has become a major force.

Brightcove: Its video player loads over 3 billion times each year and the site boasts over 6,300 customers all across the world, in over 63 countries.

If you’re creating promotional content as a way to market your brand to customers, then you’re already putting to use inbound marketing. When you combine the power of email, blogs, social media, podcasts and other promotional channels you get a proven strategy that helps grow your brand. By adding video, you move your promotional efforts into the next level of engagement and help to maximize your potential for viewership.

Wrapping it up…

By now, you should have a better idea for the process towards quality online video creation. First, every video you make should have an intended purpose. Second, keep your intended message short and to the point. Third, decide on the type of delivery you’d would like for the video. And finally, consider using multiple video content channels and place your video content in a number of promotional channels. It time to go make your video.

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