Thrive Leads Plugin Review 

 February 18, 2015

By  Michel

What is Thrive Leads?

In today’s Whats Up Wednesday, I take a look at a newly released plugin that is replacing the Hybrid Connect plugin that I currently use and did a review. So welcome to the new Thrive Leads plugin review.

If you ever wanted to build a list, the biggest hassle that any site owner experiences is setting up opt-in forms. Anything from widget based forms, top or bottom, pop-ups, or any other form you can imagine – takes time and effort to do.

That’s why most of us who use WordPress look for easier ways to add forms by using plugins or themes that have this option built-in.

Everything keeps changing, sometimes it brings improvements, other times disappointments, even setbacks – but change is inevitable. Same holds true with online business and the tools we come to depend upon.

Why Thrive Leads?

First of all, the powerful Hybrid Connect plugin is no longer available for purchase as it has been discontinued by the developer. However those who already have this plugin, they will still continue to provide support for it and you can still continue to use it as much as you want.

What makes Thrive Leads desirable is that it is concentrated much more on A/B split testing and conversion optimization than Hybrid Connect with different approach options for capturing leads.

It’s also worth noting that Thrive Leads doesn’t contain the “Hybrid” feature with the Facebook connect. The reason for this change is they noticed that the Facebook connect option continues to drop and has become less effective (conversion wise) over time, so it’s not something they offer anymore.

How does Thrive Leads differ from Similar Plugins?

The main focus of Thrive Leads is on conversion optimization. A/B split testing has become a lot easier and more effective than with other available plugins.

Here are some examples of the tests you can run:

  • test different designs against each other
  • run different opt-in types against each other
  • test different triggers against each other (like. timing or scroll trigger)
  • or test entirely different offers and follow-up sequences against each other.

Thrive Leads also offers an easier and more intuitive form builder and better templates. It also offers more options. You can now use a visual drag and drop editor to add content to your forms, change the layout, add custom images and much more.


You can do a number of these things with other plugins. But with Thrive Leads, they’re much easier and faster. And you have far more flexibility when using the editor.

Thrive Leads also greatly improves on your targeting options. So it’s now a lot easier to show different forms to different segments of your audience.

Thrive Leads is also speed optimized for load time. Because they removed the Facebook Connect option, this reduced the footprint of the plugin and now it has virtually no impact on your site’s loading speed.

Here’s a look at Thrive Leads in action:

If you want to use the best conversion optimization technologies and the most advanced list building strategies available all crammed into a fast loading single plugin, then Thrive Leads is for you.

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Michel has actively been online as an Internet and affiliate marketer since 2009. He has experience with many systems and programs that he has used throughout those years, finding some to be great and many not so good. He’s learned what works, and what doesn’t work and is willing to share it with you. And it is always changing!

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    1. For now, I’m keeping Hybrid Connect running on this site since I got things setup the way I like them. However, I am excited about Thrive Leads and plan to add it to another one of my sites! Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  1. Not really used that many lead generation plugins, thanks for the review, will have a look and see.

  2. Fantastic review Michel 🙂 First time hearing about this plug in, thanks for the details….bookmarked it!

  3. Hey Michel,

    Great review Michel. One thing I have to say is that I struggled to get Hybrid Connect to work on my blog. as a matter of fact I still believe it’s not fully functional LOL. BUT this is a great alternative for me to look into!

    Thanks for sharing Michel!Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, Sherman.
      This plugin should be easier to setup than Hybrid Connect because it has both preformatted editable forms along with drop and drag editing that shows you the actual form as you do the editing or make changes to it. 🙂

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