A Heart Attack and Fat Paycheck

fat paycheck
by Michel // March 25 // 12 Comments

Heart Attack and Fat Paycheck

Missing In Action Online

It’s another What’s Up Wednesday, and I’m going to share with you the reason I’ve been missing in action lately.

If you are not aware, I suffered a heart attack on Monday March 16th. To say the least, it took me out of action for awhile. That is a problem when you are like me, a one-person show so to speak.

Even though I returned home about 48 hours later, obviously I wasn’t in the same mode I had been in beforehand. So I have not been able to do daily article posts until today. Sorry about that.

Funny that I have not shown any propensity for a heart attack, so when it happened, I was just absolutely blown away by it. However, glad that it isn’t as bad as it could have been.

Since returning home, I have a constant nagging urgency to catch-up with what I missed, and push to get things done so that if something else comes up to delay plans, I will be prepared to deal with it without a loss of time.

Instead, I will be handling many things as we all must, one day at a time.

Ironic good news

Incidentally, the same day of my heart attack was also (unknown to me at the time) my first four figure commission sales day! During that 47 hour period I was in the hospital, I made 3 sales amounting to over a thousand dollars in commissions. You could say that I had a heart attack and a fat paycheck.

And it all starts out with a program that I offer here called the Big Commission Blueprint. From there, you can become one of the elite when offered the opportunity to join iPro partners in which I am a master partner.

But it didn’t stop there – I also made five sales from several of my Amazon niche sites. Talk about pouring when it rains.

It didn’t automatically just happen

I’ve been struggling to make sales online – always have. The offers are good, but the methods I’ve used to present them were not. I also tended to jump from one method to another.

Then I got edumacated. Just like Thomas Edison with the invention of the light bulb who could tell you a large number of ways that didn’t work before finding the one way that did work – I can do the same for making money online.

I have tried a large number of ways in different niches, under different gurus and coaches. And some worked only for a short time if they worked at all until meeting Dean and iPro.

I also thought the more sites I have up and running, the more money I would accumulatively make when all combined. If one site can make $10 per month, then a hundred sites together would make a $1,000 per month.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way!

It isn’t because the theory is not sound. It is because until you know how to make one site work well, you won’t know how to make a number of sites work well.

It’s not like shooting a shotgun in the dark and hoping to hit something. What good hunter hunts that way anyhow? They make sure that they can see the target before attempting to hit the target. And that it is within range to be successful.

Same goes for making money online. You got to have a target. You must be able to see that target. And it has to be in range to hit it (this is the part where most people miss out). If the target is too far away, even if you do see it, doesn’t mean you can hit it.

And that is what I was doing, shooting shotguns in the dark. I would put up website after website, load it with information and product promotions, then hope that others would like my offers and buy them. Simple – but not reality, at least not in the long run.

It’s about fundamentals and your personality

This is not a start of a joke, but essentially there are basically two types of people who try to make money online. Those who can, and those who will always struggle to make it.

Some people are made or designed (let the philosophers decide) who can pick something up the first time then run with it on their own.

Others require repeated exposure and someone to help push them along, otherwise they just end up spinning their wheels and remain in one place.

I believe most people who try to make it online are of the second type – they need repeated exposure and someone to give them a push (a coach or mentor).

I had a former boss who referred to this type of person as a wheelbarrow. He hated wheelbarrows – why many of his employees so often came and went. He didn’t share or explain anything, just expected them to already know it and run with it or sit there like a wheelbarrow.

Confidence and fear

It is also a matter of confidence. If you are unfamiliar with something, then fear can set in and disable you. The only way around it is either give into it or conquer it. To conquer it, you must learn about it and then DO IT.

It also takes practice. No one just becomes a football quarterback, or medical surgeon without practice. Once you gain the knowledge, you also must put it into practice. And you are not good at it until you have practiced enough.

I like to play the piano and guitar. I even could sit down and play music pleasant enough to listen to. But I could not play requests. I couldn’t even play the made-up songs I had come up with the day before. That was until l learned the fundamentals and then practiced, practiced, and practiced some more.

Same goes with any endeavor, even when making money online. If you haven’t found a way, know a way, or shown a way – you won’t ever make it!!!

Final thoughts…

Just like most things in life, unless you are willing to put in effort to make it happen, it won’t just happen on its own. There are no instant push buttons or magic beans. So learn the fundamentals, overcome your fear, find someone who can help you (and who cares), and then practice – practice – practice!

Thank you for your comments below in advance 🙂

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