Working Through Online Burnout

working through online burnout
by Michel // February 13 // 2 Comments

Working Through Online Burnout – When in a Rut

You may or may not have noticed my absence online for the past week or so. I didn’t write any more articles, bother to finish the ones I have drafted, or continue working on this site as a whole. Why?

I’m suffering from online burn-out!

I have made a concerted effort to work consistently with my online business since April 2013 after joining what is now called iPro Partners. 2013 was also a tough year with the loss of my mom and two other family members.

I became the executor of the estate and also the sole trustee of the family trust because of it. Talk about a challenge mentally, emotionally, and physically to keep up with everything!

The only slump I had with my online business was during a 2 ½ month period of that year where I only could spend an hour or so per day. But I kept at it every day!

Joining too many programs

I also joined another helpful program (well worth the money) called the Expert Publishing System in 2014. After joining that program, during a review webinar I attended, my website was critiqued and a list of suggestions made to improve my online presence.

Since my focus was on affiliate marketing, the site where I started my focus really didn’t speak to the topic as I had hoped. So I ended up creating and releasing this website known as The Smart Affiliate™ in late August of 2014.

Again, a day didn’t go by that I missed working on my online business and this site until last week!

For the life of me, I would start my day catching up with family finances, then come to my office to start my business day… only to stare at the screen and then start surfing for totally unrelated subjects as to wherever my mind had wandered off on.

By Saturday, I had really gotten behind and even though I was bothered by it, not to the level that it should have been. So I booked to myself that I would start “fresh” on Monday!

Monday came and went, no change.

When I actually got the inspiration to get back to work on Monday, it was already 11:45pm (I’ve been determined to head off to bed by 12:30am). I gave it my best for those 45 minutes.

Now today I’m working through online burnout and gotten back on track – only to find that I’m even further behind than ever. And of course, I had 2 of my active sites with issues that needed address this morning – one requiring contacting tech support at the hosting service.

So here I am writing this article in mid-afternoon and a new issue is rearing its ugly head – the feeling of being overwhelmed – and it’s only Tuesday.

So how do you work through it?

I was focused on looking at all the small pieces, sick of having to deal with them everyday and consequently missing the big picture. It’s when you stop to look at the big picture, the rest of it falls into place.

For me, it’s when I fail to see the picture that the pieces I’m working on that puts it altogether seems meaningless!

Also if you look for instant rewards for doing it and they don’t happen – also makes it difficult to keep on track.

I put the big picture back up in my mind and that helped to rejuvenate me to continue on.

Another epiphany occurred as a result

I realized that I’m not focused on sales or selling anymore either. As a marketer, this is a problem! After all, whether you like it or agree with it or not, a big part of marketing is making sales. No sales, no income.

To sell also means to persuade others. That is an issue with me, well more of a mental image I have rather than a problem. I picture a used car salesman trying to sell anyone who steps on the lot any one of the cars they need to get rid of.

They do this by the art of persuasion, getting you to believe that this is the car for you! I equate that with some of the same tactics I see online to get you to buy their used stuff!

I don’t want to be a part of that, so consequently, I avoid it altogether.

Instead, I need to look at it more like a smorgasbord. Where you are welcome to come in and sample what you would like to have. Then pick up a plate and have at it. Eat until content, and then pay on your way out.

Oh, if it could all be done that simple!

That is one of the reasons I selected affiliate marketing in the first place. I’m not tied to one product and can present a smorgasbord of offers. But that is where the similarity ends.

With food it’s obvious what it is you are being offered. With online products it isn’t obvious and needs a lot of hand holding before each offer can be realized as to what it is.

However, after all that, it might not be the right fit and you then either lose the sale or have to start over with the next item. It all depends upon the person and your ability to hold their attention or interest to continue on.

This site is an example of that constant nurturing and work required to succeed. It’s been 10 days since my last article, but it’s been only 3 days since my last visitor. As time continues on with consistency, it will eventually hold its own.

Now I’m back and ready to go the distance. What about you? Are you struggling with your online business? Are you finding it difficult to keep going? I’m interesting in knowing what it is you find yourself struggling with by leaving a comment below! 🙂

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