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key to success

Building Self Confidence – Key to Success!

Building self confidence – key to success If you are extremely discontent by what the general public would term as “a miserable personal life”, then you should be aware that you need to make changes in your personal life. Certainly, “a miserable personal life” can mean many things. But usually, it is an indicator that […]

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fat paycheck

A Heart Attack and Fat Paycheck

Heart Attack and Fat Paycheck Missing In Action Online It’s another What’s Up Wednesday, and I’m going to share with you the reason I’ve been missing in action lately. If you are not aware, I suffered a heart attack on Monday March 16th. To say the least, it took me out of action for awhile. […]

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3 survival tactics for affiliate marketers

3 Survival Tactics for Affiliate Marketers

Surviving Online For today’s Marketing Monday, I take a look at 3 survival tactics for affiliate marketers. They are no big secret, but do make a difference when put to use. Most affiliate marketers are always looking for a successful market that will produce the biggest paycheck. Sadly though, they also think there is some […]

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affiliate marketing success

Affiliate Marketing Success – Basics

Success with Affiliate Marketing Beginning with today’s Marketing Monday, I will be revealing the elements needed for affiliate marketing success – basics. Too many times I see other marketers presenting an oversimplification of what is needed for online success, or rather fail to mention (even leave out) all aspects of what is needed (sometimes on […]

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seven effective life habits

Seven Effective Life Habits

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People In today’s Feature Friday, I am talking about a system that I had discovered over 10 years ago. It has helped me and still applies today. I refer to it as seven effective life habits and it is based on Stephen Covey’s, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Stephen […]

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email list

My Dying Email List – Shifting Gears

My Email List It’s another Marketing Monday and I’ve been going crazy. Because it is near the end of the year, I am scrambling to get things done in all areas! Everything from health care insurance issues, swapping out clothes driers, to getting tax information together and submitted to the accountant. And that’s just for […]

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