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setup wordpress in 10 seconds
by Michel // January 28 // 9 Comments

Setup WordPress Fast

It’s another What’s Up Wednesday and this time I’m combining today’s article with yesterday’s Tools of the Trade Tuesday. There are several things I want to cover including how to setup WordPress in 10 seconds so lets get going.

Yesterday’s debacle

Yesterday as I was starting my online business day, one of the start-up tasks I do is check all my websites to make sure they are working without issues.

Well, I had issues with 3 of my sites, they were being marked by Norton’s Safe Search as malicious sites! So I made the mistake of contacting Norton Support.

A support tech spent 4 hours remotely looking through my laptop, making changes to correct this problem (he determined that it was only the Norton toolbar on my system reporting those sites as malicious).

After removing 3 programs from my laptop, checking thoroughly through my system for malware and crimeware, none was detected; so he handed me over to their site investigation team.

I submitted those 3 sites and they found no issue with those sites and told me I needed to get ahold of tech support to find out why my installed Norton toolbar was giving me this issue.

LONG STORY SHORT, after wasting most of my day (beyond just my business time) I skipped over returning to tech support and uninstalled the toolbar myself instead. Then I reinstalled it and afterward, Ta-Da, no more issues with Norton Safe Search with those sites. It was nearly midnight.

Also, I had to reinstall 2 of those 3 removed programs, put settings back to the way they were beforehand, had to change some of my passwords and remove Norton’s ability to return to my laptop without my knowledge.

Day’s like this happen and can really put a crimp into business operations until things are resolved and back to normal. The important thing is to remain calm and prioritize those things that are most important.

Newly released WordPress products and video service

new-theme-plugin-reviewOver the last week, I took a look at two WordPress product releases that caught my eye. The first one was a time-saver plugin that touted to setup WordPress in 10 seconds with a click of a button (appeared to be completely automated).

And more recently, I examined a newly released WordPress theme that has all the latest bells and whistles any online marketer or e-commerce owner could want. It also had a quick install option for plugins that were needed (recommended) to run with the theme.

Finally, I’m just going to briefly mention it here, a new video product that takes your video marketing to a whole new level. Easy to embed different functions and feature using the power of Amazon web services. There is a very good reason for it and I will cover it in a future article post.

Updated release of a quick install WP plugin

First, I’m taking a look at a recently updated WP plugin that claims it can setup WordPress in 10 seconds or less. What a time-saver if it is true. The plugin that makes this claim is called WpFreshstart 2.0 (their latest version)

As I read through the vendor’s sales letter, one of the things that struck me as totally idiotic was the option for a single site license! Why? If the MAIN reason for this valuable plugin is to setup WordPress SITES quickly (emphasis plural) then why in the hell (oops, pardon my French) would you want to get a single site license?

Pay about 30 bucks so I can set up just one site…. really?! The whole purpose is to have the ability to setup a number of sites over and over. So then the only smart option is to take the multiple site offer which costs more of course.

Another issue I saw with the plugin is after uploading and installing this plugin into a fresh WordPress install (that time needed is not included), is if it’s the first time for you to use this plugin you won’t do it in 10 seconds! Why?

You have to enter in all the URLs for the plugins you want installed and activated on your site along with the theme. This is time consuming to do for the first time. But once you have your plugin URL list together, then you can quickly copy it into that section for the next one (another reason why it’s dumb to get only a single install license).

Better options

However, there currently are better options for WordPress than this quick site set-up plugin (as you will see below). Unless you are a site flipper, do a lot of PBNs (private blogging network), or are constantly setting up mini niche sites – this plugin would actually be a waste of money for you!

It would be better to put your money toward an application which allows you to monitor a bunch of WordPress sites from one dashboard. Even though setting up a WordPress site can be time consuming, keeping one running is even more time consuming (updates, etc)!

Running a bunch of WordPress sites can quickly get out of hand. If you have a limited budget and want to get the most for your dollar, don’t waste it on WpFreshstart 2.0!!!

Newly released powerful WordPress theme

I actually saw this for the first time last night (or early morning, depends on how you view 12:20 am). I was impressed and reserved about it at the same time.

My first thought was not another shiny object that’s all hyped up. And it’s about yet another supposedly fully functional WordPress theme (like there’s not enough already). It’s called Omnipress. Wow!


But I did take notes and would love to experiment with this theme. There are several awesome components that makes this theme unique (if they actually work as claimed, and if the theme will be updated to match the next updated release of WordPress).

This theme will help you to quickly create a website (where did I just hear that one before?). It sets up landing pages, sales pages, blogs, e-commerce sites and more.

It even has a drag and drop design for each and every page you create. Or you can just use predefined templates. It is multipurpose and fully responsive (important these days since you have no idea what device your visitor is using to see your site).

Also the theme is setup to work with any niche market and create just about any kind of website. And with this theme, you can launch your fully functional website within minutes (somewhat longer than 10 seconds). You get both fast setup and full customization at the same time!

Final thoughts

Even though I had a chaotic day yesterday, I have made up for it today.

I covered 2 newly released WordPress products that each has unique features.

The theme option also sets up a site quickly. Plus it has many more features and customization than the plugin offered. In addition, the theme offers like a hundred to one in features and functionality when compared to the plugin. And here is the really insane thing, they both cost about the same amount!

The choice is obvious if you are in the market to streamline your website activities as a marketer or website owner.

As always, I like to know your thoughts, ideas, experiences, questions, or observations by leaving a comment below. And if you find this article to be helpful, I encourage you to share it with your favorite social network. Thank you!

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