Maximizing Your Web Traffic

maximizing your web traffic
by Michel // March 6 // 6 Comments

Getting the Maximum Amount of Web Traffic

Today’s Traffic Tactics Thursday, I talk about an important part that should be the focus with any traffic tactic you use – and that’s maximizing your web traffic.

I could have easily titled this article, “Powerful New Web Traffic Tactic That’s Never Been Seen Before!”, just to draw traffic to this post.

But once you arrive and start reading the “What it is” and you see that it ends up being just another slant to an already known method, you would abruptly leave – I know I would!

So you got traffic to your site because of it – big deal. However, you also damaged your bounce rate, not to mention hurt your reputation somewhat, that will further push your site or blog back in the SERPs (search-engine-results-pages).

And even worse, you most likely didn’t accomplish a thing – no sales, referrals or sign-ups. Maybe even angered a few people.

Not another traffic tactic!

Besides, there are always those marketers constantly selling and repackaging the set basic methods over and over again. The only change they make is using different terms and a new angle at presenting it.

To be honest, I’m sick n tired of hearing about another traffic method that will get you X-number of sales, clients, sign-ups – whatever.

This constant bombardment has worn me out to the point where I have (almost) stopped listening to it. It’s always about, you gotta use this method, or that software, or listen to this program, or sign-up to that service.

Okay, many of these methods do work to a degree to very well, depending on who you are and the niche you’re in. But the ultimate question still remains even when you get tons and tons of traffic – what happens once that traffic arrives on you site or offer?

It’s NOT all about traffic generation!

I have used a number of traffic methods over the years selecting different ones to use or try for a number of my different niche sites.

And I can directly tell you straight up, that some of my site’s that draw the most traffic also have the worst results.

What do I mean by results? No sales, no sign-ups, no commissions – just traffic. In fact, most recently, two of my sites that average just over a hundred visitors each month make the most sales!!!

The reason behind poor results

The first thing immediately pointed out by “experts” is that my traffic is not “targeted traffic”, therefore the reason for my poor results. Maybe for some of it but that’s poppycock for the majority of it that I get.

Others will say that I’m not SEO optimize and therefore getting non responsive traffic. Or it’s poor web graphics or site navigation – And on and on it goes.

However, the real or biggest reason behind it is….

I’m not maximizing my web traffic!

Ways to maximize your web traffic

You can write top-notch quality content, have the best SEO efficiency known to man, ever hire the best copywriters and graphic artists – but if you don’t know how to maximize the traffic arriving at your site, you are literally throwing away your money out the window.

What I have discovered to be a better way is what I call re-targeting your traffic. What I mean by re-targeting is when someone lands on your site just to jump back off of it, find that instead they are directed elsewhere really captures their attention.

Not only that, but you can have control of where they will go. If you send them to another page or post on your site, even though the visitor leaves, you still get them to do 2 things for you that improves your bounce rate.

One, they see more than one page on your site. And two, they say on your site somewhat longer. These are two factors that affect bounce.

But what is even more powerful is if they are redirected to your top offer or sign-up page. What increase would that create for you?


A number of marketers use exit pop-ups to keep visitors around, you know and have seen them. They either flash an offer or sign-up sheet with a plea not to go just yet. And to some degree, they still work (they’re attempting to maximize traffic)

But a better way is instead of a pop-up, when the visitor goes to leave the page after being on it for just a few moments, they’re directed to an offer, or CPA, Amazon, or where ever you want instead, it becomes a whole different matter.

Imagine being an Amazon affiliate selling patio furniture. Someone stops by, sees one of your patio set offers, then jumps back to where they were instead, and then goes to Amazon directly – you lose that sale.

But imagine if they went to leave, they were redirected to that page or to all patio sets on Amazon instead with your affiliate link – can you see how powerful that is?


Once someone is redirected and realizes what happened, it may end up angering them and they leave anyway from the redirect. And they may even remember that your site did that to them for a time or longer.

But then again, the majority of people who jump off sites like that usually don’t return anyway – so why not attempt to make a sale or get a sign-up.

When someone does arrive on your site and stays to read your content or offer all the way through – and makes the decision to leave to return another time and this happens to them…. won’t that cause you to lose a potential customer who likes what you have so far?

A smart marketer would know not to do this to someone who show genuine interest. So if there was a way to identify someone who stays for a time vs. someone who bounces – wouldn’t that be awesome?

The Solution

Yesterday, I reviewed a newly released product that helps you retain visitors to your site longer. Or it redirects them to any money making promotion you are focusing on achieving for that site.

This product is a WP plugin designed to help you maximize your web traffic without the typical methods employed currently.

If you would like to know more about this plugin, see my review here

Final thoughts…

The day before I saw this plugin, I was upset with some of my site’s bounce rates. Even after I employed tactics meant to increase engagement like related posts, or exit pop-ups, etc – without any real improvements.

I was at a lose as to what I could do to improve retention on those sites.

And then I saw this WP plugin. I got it and the upgrade so I can test them out. I will start on a few of my sites to see if they will work. And then report back my findings in a future post.

How about you, what do you think of this method to improve bounce rate, possibly even sign-ups or sales? Maybe you are already aware of a different retention model not mentioned here and would like to share it below. Thanks! 🙂

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