Is Affiliate Marketing Automation a Good Idea?

affiliate marketing automation
by Michel // January 20 // 0 Comments

Online Affiliate Marketing Automation

It’s another Tools of the Trade Tuesday, and today I answer the question is using affiliate marketing automation a good idea?

Who doesn’t want to find ways to free up time during their busy workday! Of course, one of those sought after methods is automation. This is especially true when it comes to those repetitive mundane tasks.

There are a number of automation tools you can find offered online that supposedly help you free up some time and effort in running your business as an affiliate marketer.

However, there are definite pros and cons that you should be aware of before you buy and begin using them.

Advantages of Automation Tools

Automation promises to help you with those tasks that you hate to do. This can be beneficial because there are a number of annoying tasks that we don’t look forward to do, or simply forget to do – so putting as many of them as we can on autopilot helps us continue enjoying our affiliate marketing journey.

As a WordPress user, I know that I have tried out a number of automation plugins with mixed results. Some of my favorites are the ones that autopost to my social network accounts whenever I publish a new article on my blog.

Some automation can actually help you do things better than you can do manually. I’m sure there are tasks that we’re just not good at doing. With an automated tool, we can do things faster, easier or more effectively than we can do on our own.

Having automation tools means you can focus your attention on something else. Freeing up time is one of the biggest reasons affiliates want automated tools in the first place. It’s certainly a benefit to have less of a work load on your to do list.

But automation isn’t always sunny days and blue skies, either. There are inherent problems that can and do develop, so it’s important that you realize where they can cause you harm.

Downside to Automation

Unfortunately, automation can prevent you from seeing errors that happen. Applications like software and plugins can have bugs in the automation process without you realizing it.

If you depend upon a completely “hand off” system for running part or all of your business, then you could end up going months before realizing that things aren’t working right.

This usually happens when sales have bottomed out or customers start screaming. That’s when an affiliate who is heavily invested in an automated system goes to check things out – and then discovers that there’s an issue with the process. Or perhaps they find that a necessary upgrade was missed that keeps it running properly and didn’t know about it.

I’ve had expensive plugins and themes I got in the past that stopped working when WordPress released its next update. Then spent days trying to get ahold of the vendor or developer, only to find them gone or non-responsive. The only options left were either to find an alternative, or just return doing the task once again.

Another problem is that automation can remove that human element which makes a connection with your target audience necessary. Most automation tools are designed to remove a dreaded task from your to do list. But there are those automation tools that can remove you from the site entirely.

For example, any automation tool that can produce content or automates comment approval means that your site won’t carry your natural voice within it. It then becomes difficult for visitors to engage with you or develop trust in you enough to want to click through on your links and act on them.

Some automation tools have been known to get you in trouble with the search engines as well. If any of them appear to use blackhat tactics that do anything unethical, even illegal, then you could find that your site has plummeted in the search engine ranks – not to mention you could get into trouble.

It’s always better to approach affiliate marketing from a morally sound perspective then a questionable one, so that your profits build over time.

Final thoughts

As always, there are advantages and disadvantages to any tool you choose to help you with your online business. Some are worth it, while others leave you wanting. No one likes to buy something that doesn’t do what it claims, and it is even worse when it gives you more work to use it than if you did it on your own.

What struggles are you currently facing with your automation processes? Leave me a comment below… I like to know your thoughts, ideas, experiences, questions and just may have a solution because I’d love to help!

And if you find this article to be helpful, I encourage you to share it with your favorite social networks. Thank you! 🙂

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