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by Michel // September 1 // 2 Comments

Where can I find affiliate products?

One of the most common questions affiliate marketers ask is, where is the best place to find affiliate products? And the short answer to that question is… everywhere. Thanks for visiting! No, really it all depends upon what market niche you are promoting or have expertise in.

I’ve had success with Amazon and Clickbank, along with a few privately run affiliate programs. Even though I currently belong to over a dozen programs. But that’s my story because of the niche markets I’m involved with that have the best products or services my market is looking to find. Your list most likely will be different, depending upon what you are wanting to achieve.

For the record, even though I’m an Amazon affiliate which pays pennies for dollars, I really hate their program. Short term 24 hour cookies along with poor percentage commissions. With their general program, you have to sell over 630 items each and every month (no carry overs) to earn 8% commission.

Moving on! For the longest time, Clickbank was rated number one place to look for related affiliate products to promote.  It still is not a bad place to start. But in recent years Clickbank’s popularity continues to decline. That’s because of the rise of other affiliate program platforms that offer generous terms for affiliates and vendors. Examples are JVZoo and the Warrior Forum.

More traditional businesses like Home Depot use platforms like Commission Junction (now cj) or ShareASale. Places like Amazon and eBay use their own platforms. Again, it all depends upon what you want to offer your target market based on what they most likely will buy.

To give you an idea where to begin, I have included a list of top 10 affiliate network sites:

Rakuten Linkshare linkshare.com

Rakuten LinkShare is a leading provider of full-service online marketing solutions. They specialize in the areas of Affiliate Marketing, Search Marketing, and Lead Generation. Used by companies like PetSmart, Starbucks, JCPenny and others, LinkShare has a high level of satisfaction from advertisers.

CJ by Conversant cj.com

CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction) reaches millions of people shopping online. Through their affiliate marketing network partnerships between advertisers and publishers. They help advertisers acquire new customers and sell more to previous buyers, while helping publishers generate advertising revenue. CJ is felt by some to have a technology lead over their competition and is a little more popular with publishers. A very popular professional network.

ClickBank clickbank.com

ClickBank is dedicated to helping creators of digital products connect with marketing channels. So they can promote their works with a larger audience and explode their earnings. Their affiliate program is devoted to providing digital marketers great products. They also offer high levels of Internet marketing knowledge and support in affiliate marketing. CB is still huge even as they have had to evolve with the changing rules on promotions and disclosures. Very popular with entry-level merchants.

ShareASale shareasale.com

ShareASale has 13 years experience as an Affiliate Marketing Network. Their technology receives raves for speed, efficiency, and accuracy. They have a reputation for being fair and honest. They offer vendors an advanced Affiliate Marketing platform. To deliver the best product in the industry. To support it with superior customer service. Provided by people that will follow up, call back, and give real solutions. SAS is well liked and respected.

Affiliate Window affiliatewindow.com

AW offers flexible services and solutions to set up and optimize performance marketing programs. They’re led by a commitment to openness, responsibility and innovation. They provide support in finding the online marketing strategy that suits you best. You can begin as a Publisher and start monetizing your website today. Or request a proposal to join their Network and grow your online business. The best network in Europe and growing in the USA. Well worth a look for any publisher or advertiser looking to go global.

AvantLink avantlink.com

AvantLink has quickly become the affiliate marketing network of choice for some of the world’s most highly known brands. Their focus is on technology and private ownership that’s allowed the network to be quick to act to client needs. This ranges from creation of the industry’s most cutting edge and innovative affiliate tools to their multi-network attribution platform. Stable professionally operated company and a great business model.

Amazon affiliate-program.amazon.com

Amazon is the industry entry-point for many vendors and publishers. Ease of use and broad product offerings make it both simple and desirable. Amazon is offered in multiple countries each with their own affiliate program (must sign up separately)

LinkConnector linkconnector.com

LinkConnector is an affiliate marketing network helping merchants and affiliates increase online sales and revenue. They have introduced unique tools to the market that give merchants and affiliates a strong advantage. They have a terrific range of trusted brands and a focus on their own technology that sets LinkConnector apart.

TradeDoubler tradedoubler.com

TradeDoubler is another very strong European affiliate network. Their network has a broad community of publishers, advertisers, agencies and developers. To share connections and grow revenues, and offer unique affiliate marketing technology. It is available as an in-house solution to manage all aspects of performance marketing activity. TradeDoubler has global reach and a great publisher network.

eBay Partner Network ebaypartnernetwork.com

You can earn a lot of money in the eBay Partner Network, by driving high quality traffic to eBay or one of their partners. They show you how to generate revenue by advertising through your website. eBay did a very smart thing by buying PepperJam. The combination of eBay’s scale with PepperJam’s relationships is hard to beat.

The above list of places to find affiliate products only scratches the surface. Their are a number of networks promoting products and services that will meet your potential customer’s needs. Just take your time when deciding and above all, don’t over-do-it by signing up to too many programs, especially if you are just starting out.

Let me know what you think… leave your question or comment below.

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