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best way to review info products

Best Way to Review Info Products Online

Best Way to Review Info Products Even though reviewing digital products isn’t all that different from tangible product reviews, there are some differences. In today’s What’s Up Wednesday, I’ll be covering the best way to review info products online. Get hold of the Product Before starting any digital products review, the First thing you should […]

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4 tools to help affiliate marketers

4 Tools to Help Affiliate Marketers Build a Business

4 Tools to Help Affiliate Marketers In today’s Tools of the Trade Tuesday, I cover 4 tools to help affiliate marketers build a business successful. When you are learning how affiliate marketing works, you can’t rely just on the typical online “affiliate marketing courses” to get you to the next level you hope to achieve […]

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top affiliate marketing platforms

Top Affiliate Marketing Platforms You Should Know

Top Affiliate Marketing Platforms For today’s Marketing Monday topic, I cover top affiliate marketing platforms you should know or at least become familiar with. Available to you as an affiliate marketer are a number of companies that offer commission based payments for promoting vendor products. However, there are really only a limited number of top […]

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affiliate marketing the smart way

Introducing Affiliate Marketing the Smart Way

Many enter, but few succeed! Many people enter, but very few succeed when it comes to affiliate marketing. Why is that? It’s because affiliate marketing is presented by “Gurus” as a quick and easy miracle solution to your money woes or employment problems. And like the slick snake oil salesman of yesteryear, many people jump […]

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hybrid affiliate

Power of a Hybrid Affiliate

Power of a Hybrid Affiliate It’s another What’s Up Wednesday! Today, I’m introducing a new term that combines traditional marketing methods. It has gone mainly unnamed until today… a hybrid affiliate marketer. What is a hybrid affiliate marketer and how does it differ from affiliate marketing? As you are aware, affiliate marketing involves someone who […]

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effective affiliate sales funnel

Ways to Setup an Effective Affiliate Sales Funnel

  Effective affiliate sales funnel Today’s Tools of the Trade Tuesday. As a follow-up to sales funnel as an affiliate, I look at ways to setup an effective affiliate sales funnel while maintaining some control. Recently a question was raised from a new affiliate marketer. He wants to setup his own sales funnel using affiliate […]

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