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9 install wordpress fast

Setup WordPress Site in 10 Seconds!

Setup WordPress Fast It’s another What’s Up Wednesday and this time I’m combining today’s article with yesterday’s Tools of the Trade Tuesday. There are several things I want to cover including how to setup WordPress in 10 seconds so lets get going. Yesterday’s debacle Yesterday as I was starting my online business day, one of […]

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2 lasting niche markets

Evergreen Niche Markets for Affiliates

Why Evergreen Niche Markets? In today’s Marketing Monday, I cover evergreen niche markets for affiliates and why they’re important to consider as an affiliate. Too many times I’ve seen advice that basically tells new affiliate marketers to do whatever they like to do best. Even though there’s some merit to that advice, it definitely shouldn’t […]

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Top Affiliate Marketing Niches

Top Niche Markets for Affiliates In today’s Marketing Monday, I list top affiliate marketing niches with a brief description for each one I mention below. The top niche markets are the same for product creators as well as affiliate marketers. They’re approach will be the same. However, niche marketing allows affiliates to make more money […]

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4 Tools to Help Affiliate Marketers Build a Business

In today’s Tools of the Trade Tuesday, I cover 4 tools to help affiliate marketers build a business successful. When you are learning how affiliate marketing works, you can’t rely just on the typical online “affiliate marketing courses” to get you to the next level you hope to achieve if you want to make the […]

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