big commission blueprint review

Formula for Success – The Big Commission Blueprint Review

Big Commission Blueprint Review

Creator: Dean Holland, Internet Profits Ltd (Nottingham, United Kingdom)

URL: The Big Commission Blueprint

What the Big Commission Blueprint (BCB) is about:

It is an introductory basic training program that shows you exactly what it takes for you to build and sustain a successful online business.

Training format:

A step-by-step easy to follow training program. Now has introduction videos, instructional information, action steps, and a checklist. This is to assure that you understand the material and have taken the recommended actions before moving on to the next lesson.

Also you receive follow-up emails and can join the active private Facebook community. You can submit any questions you have anytime to the support desk as well.

Who this is for:

Anyone who is serious about starting and growing a successful online business.


One of the most difficult things is actually making money on the Internet, and doing it consistently. Heck, most people fail to even make just one sale! Lets face it, the biggest way to make money online is to sell something that is useful.

With the Big Commission Blueprint (BCB), Dean reveals how you can build a real and sustainable Internet business. He presents his proven Internet business system that he uses to continuously make money and that you can, too! He draws from his 8+ years of online experience and shows you how to avoid the same mistakes he made.

The program itself is set-up with a series of lessons that include 3 levels (start-up, intermediate, and expert) which include 3 step-by-step lessons with introduction videos for each lesson on each level.

All the lessons are available to you at the start, so that you can move at your own speed (do one lesson per day or all 9 in a single day). I recommend only doing a lesson or level per day so that you get the most from each lesson and don’t burn yourself out in the process (there is a lot to take in and you are only cheating yourself if you blow past it).

Each lesson can be completed in under an hour.

The most important thing is to make sure you understand everything that is presented in each lesson and completing it before moving on to the next one.


What I like about the Big Commission Blueprint is that the format is easy to follow and is better organized than the first edition. Also additional lessons were added and each lesson was expanded from the original. I like the flow and the followup.

Also the cost of this program is well priced (under-priced) when compared to what other online programs charge, which is 2 to 5 times as much for less content that what the BCB actually delivers.


What I don’t like is some of the content comes across as a sales pitch within the lessons. That can make it appear as nothing more than a continuous sales letter put together to convince you to upgrade to the next level or to more advanced programs that are offered.

Also response time to questions from support can be slow. That’s because they’re only available Monday-Friday during regular business hours in the UK.

Overall rating and my recommendation:

When it comes to similar online programs in this price range, the BCB delivers big time! Dean covers the important aspects without beating around the bush or adding fluff to fill in time.

I recommend this program to anyone interested in wanting to start or who is thinking about starting an online business. Not only does the Big Commission Blueprint offer high value for the money, it also comes with a full money back guarantee.

To get started: CLICK HERE


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8 responses to “Formula for Success – The Big Commission Blueprint Review”

  1. Edward Larry says:

    What is your product? Is this making money when others join?

    • Michel says:

      This is not my product, this is a review about Dean Holland’s program. Yes, I make a commission if you buy this program through my link – pricing remains the same. No it isn’t about making money when others join, just an added bonus if you do. 🙂

  2. Georgina Bush says:

    Everyone, plus all their grandparents, kids, students, gurus, greedy Americans and anyone else who can barely type are selling “How to get rich on the net” Most of those have never made a cent in any niche. They are just full of crap.

    • Michel says:

      Fortunately I can tolerate those who are ignorant of the facts by the way they work in absolutes, even when there is a ring of truth within it.

      Nowhere was there mention (directly or indirectly) that this was a “how to get rich” program. Rather, it is a how to make money online to create an ongoing income – enough to eventually quit your daytime job.

      However, I do agree that unfortunately there are far more people online who peddle “how to get rich schemes” when they themselves have never made a penny doing it and have no business selling it to others.

      With that said, I know that the person behind this product review has consistently made money online – both the vendor of the product, and the person who conducted the review.

  3. Lindi says:

    If I buy the product and I do not get any satisfaction within 30 days, how do I contact Dean for my money back?

  4. Rita says:

    Hi! just want to know if you can still use the bcb system without having to own a website. thanks