5 Affiliate Program Hacks You Should Know

affiliate program hacks
by Michel // December 26 // 0 Comments

5 Affiliate Program Hacks You Should Be Using

There is no shortage of affiliate programs online. Plus, these programs have a wide range of offers. It seems like each offer is as good as the one that came before it and then becomes the one that succeeds it. You can keep looking at these offers, their sales pages, and other sales elements until you’re blue in the face.

Until you know what to look for, chances are all these affiliate programs would look equally valid and seem equally good to promote. That’s a serious problem because you’ll find out often in the most painful way possible that affiliate programs are not created equal. Some make you money, but the vast majority won’t. So it is important to learn how to tell them apart. Here are 5 affiliate program hacks you should be using before promoting them.

Direct niche focus

The affiliate program you decide to promote must directly relate to your niche. It must be all about your niche market. Its content must address the problems of your niche audience members. Do not compromise on this. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time and energy needlessly.

Large existing promotional material base

When you join an affiliate program, it should already have enough effective marketing materials to help you to start out of the gate a winner. You should go out strong and this means that you have a ready library of premade promotional materials at your disposal that work. You can’t just make this stuff up on the fly. That’s just not going to do the job. Materials should already exist. Also, there needs to be large diversity of them because you won’t know which of these promotional materials will work for your campaign.

Wide selection of promotional methods

An affiliate program that is worth its salt and that is truly dedicated to the success of its affiliates give their affiliates a lot of room to work. You should be given enough elbow room in how you promote their offers. If you notice that they keep you on a tight leash, and are very strict regarding how you should and should not promote them, you might want to find another affiliate program. Restrictions like that can get in the way of your success. You might not be given enough freedom for you to do a good job. That includes converting your web traffic with the premade ads that the sponsors make available to you.

Wide selection of promotional materials

The more varied the affiliate program’s promotional materials are, the better. This means that they’re giving you the tools you need to promote in many different contexts. This increases your likelihood of success.

They allow you to come up with your own promotional materials

Truly serious and professional affiliate programs will give you a wide leeway to come up with your own promotional materials. They’re not just going to give you a wide selection of promo materials, they should also give you freedom, within limits mind you, to come up with your own promotional material.

Promotions specific to your audience

They understand that you have a specific audience. They understand that you have a relationship with your audience. They then give you the freedom to come up with specially made promotional materials for that specific audience. Of course you’ll have to pay for your own materials, but this little bit of freedom can translate to a big payoff.

Final thoughts

Keep the five affiliate program hacks in mind when looking for a product or service to promote. These hacks will go a long way in helping you separate the vast majority of programs targeting your niche from the ones that will actually make you money. Learn to spot the difference.

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